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Flying dragon is an eco toy made from recycled cardboard. One can draw on it and decorate it in every possible way. This toy is light-weight and compact. It likes to fly and to travel around the world, enjoying exciting adventures with thousands of kids. The Flying dragon was inspired by Polish folk toys and is an eminent example of eco and ethno design.

The toy is made of recycled wavy ecological cardboard. It is 100% Polish product. Pieces that remain after it is cut out are used for author's business cards.

The original Flying Dragon design is simple, but innovative. Alena Trafimava, the Dragon's author, is a young Polish designer of Belarusian origin.


Playing with dragon

- Develops imagination
- Improves dexterity
- Brings lots of fun
- Reduces stress level

How it works

In order to start playing with dragon one needs to unfold it. In this way toy becomes four times bigger. Hold its tail and gently move it back and forth. Look! Dragon is flying!

Why do I need it?

The Flying dragon is a mobile toy that improves manual dexterity, observation and concentration skills. At the same time it is creative DIY toy, that serves as a base for artistic activities and for development of creativity. One can decorate and/or paint it in a desired way, thus giving it a unique character and look.

Pick your color!

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- The Flying Dragon got the 1st prize in the Ethno Collection competition organized by State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw in 2011.  

- The Flying Dragon was presented on numerous Design Festivals such as : Łódź Design Festival, Gdynia Design Days, Przetwory, Minsk Design Week, Wroclove design.

-  Dragon workshops were held in Design Muzeum Holon (Israel), Grodno (Belarus) and all over Poland.

The Flying Dragon travel destinations

Check Dragon photos taken all over the world. You can find more in the Polish version of the blog - Kraina Latającego Smoka as well as at our FB Smok Latający

You are very welcome to contribute your photo with Flying Dragon. 

Flying Dragon Travel на карте большего размера


The Dragon got a lot of publicity in Polish media such as: Kikimora, Gazeta Wyborcza, Dziecko Najlepsza Inwestcja, Meble Biznes, E!stilo, Mażor Dom  etc.


1. What is the best age to start playing with the Flying Dragon?
In our opinion it suits kids from 4 till 98 years old.

2. What can be used to decorate the Flying Dragon?
Pretty much everything: pencils, felt tipped pens, chalks, color paper etc.
We don't recommend using water color paints and other paints that can damage the cardboard.


Alena Trafimava 

Designer and project manager (“Etno-projekt”).
Portfolio is available at:


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